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Press Release - Partnership with TigerKubzs

Cocoon Books to Carry TigerKubz’s Line of Hands-On Learning Products in New Book Gifting Business.

There has never been a more crucial time then now to get children away from a screen and in front of more books and engaging resources. Cocoon Books is changing the gift giving landscape by gifting inspiring, educational and interactive books in a unique and creative way, with the goal of getting children to put down their electronics and pick up a book.

Why should we steer away from electronics? One longitudinal study found that more time per week spent on screens at ages 24 months and 36 months was linked with poorer performance on screening tests for behavioral, cognitive, and social development at 36 months (APA, 2020) . While minimal screen time is generally allowed, the long-term use of a screen, especially at a young age, can be detrimental to the overall development of the child.

Fedaa Izreig of Cocoon Books and Sheryll Yu of TigerKubz both have a mission to help parents limit electronic use, grow early readers and to raise curious children. They also both happen to be entrepreneurial moms nurturing a start-up while raising young children. These two businesses are geared towards engaging the child. Through educational play and reading, a child is developing necessary skills needed in their literacy journey, such as word formation and letter/shape recognition.

Cocoon Books will be launching in late spring, 2021. Once launched, it will gift an array of children books in a creative and unique book box. This box was developed to inspire and invite children, newborn to 7 years-old, to read and imagine.

Yu stumbled across Izreig’s company through Instagram and immediately fell in love with the book box design and concept.

“Whenever family and friends ask what they should gift my children, I always say books or something educational. Cocoon Books makes book gifting fun and easy for grown-ups and kids feel like they’re opening a treasure chest.”- Sheryll Yu, TigerKubz

In addition to books, the gift giver will be able to add-in or select from pre-set gift boxes which includes educational hands-on products like TigerKubz’s reusable “I Can Match My Shapes” learning mats. The mats are a hands-on way for children to practice learning shapes by matching the shadows and can “level-up” to matching shape names when they enter the emerging readers stage. TigerKubz’s products are designed with portability in mind, so parents can put it in their bag for when their on-the-go.

With your child in mind, Cocoon Books and TigerKubz will do whatever they can to help them develop a love for reading and learning.

Fedaa Izreig

Sheryll Yu
Founder and CEO